Tea Circle

Open Heart Tea Ceremony

Join our Sangha for connection, community support and tea ceremony. Bring tea or any hot beverage! Connecting and sharing with Sangha soothes the heart.

Note: If you are new to our community and classes, please join us for a few Saturday or Wednesday Classes first. (Let’s chat after class — we would love you to join our growing community!)

Sangha means a community of inner life or in spirit practitioners in its broader sense. Together, we support each other in the universal art of peace, the path of mindfulness, oneness and inner freedom.

As quoted by Thich Nhat Hanh


“To be present sounds like an easy thing to do. For many of us, it is easy because we have made it a habit. We are in the habit of dwelling in the present moment, of touching the morning sunshine deeply, of drinking our morning tea deeply, of sitting and being present with the person we love. For those of us who have not fully learned to be present, we can be supported in that kind of learning. If we do not have a sangha, we may not be getting the kind of support we need for our practice, that we need to nourish our bodhichitta (the strong desire to cultivate love and understanding in ourselves).

Your body, your consciousness, and your environment are like a garden. There may be a few trees and bushes that are dying, and you may feel overwhelmed by anguish and suffering at the sight of that. You may be unaware that there are still many trees in your garden that are solid, vigorous and beautiful. When members of your sangha come into your garden, they can help you see that you still have a lot of beautiful trees and that you can enjoy the things that have not gone wrong within your landscape.

Sangha is a wonderful home. Every time you go back to the sangha, you feel that you can breathe more easily, you can walk more mindfully, you can better enjoy the blue sky, the white clouds and the cypress tree in your yard. Why? Because the sangha members practice going home many times a day—through walking, breathing, cooking and doing their daily activities mindfully. Everyone in the sangha is practicing, walking mindfully, sitting mindfully, eating mindfully, smiling, enjoying each moment of life.”






Every sturdy tree that towers over human beings owes its existence to a deeply rooted core.

Always keep your mind as bright and clear as the vast sky, the highest peak, and the deepest ocean, empty of all limiting thoughts.

Rely on Peace to activate your manifold powers;
Pacify your environment
And create a beautiful world.

— Morihei Ueshiba (1883–1969)


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