Inner Peace Qigong (IPQ) FAQs

I don’t have any experience in Qigong, meditation or energy work. Do I have to have any knowledge before attending this class?

No, absolutely not. First-timers are regularly joining. As I say in class, there is nothing to remember. You can’t possibly get this wrong, and my job is to get you out of your thinking mind for a while. In class, you are guided every step of the way. You will ‘experience’ tools to deeply rest your nervous system, restore inner harmony and peace. You will learn ancient ‘essentials’ from the first class that support inner balance in everyday life.


What should I wear?

You can wear loose-fitting ‘comfortable’ clothes that you can freely move around in, such as sweatpants, t-shirts or casual wear. Inner Peace Qigong (IPQ) is typically done without shoes.


Should I eat beforehand?

For best results, avoid eating less than one hour before class. Going deep into the IPQ experience, it can be helpful to avoid drinking liquids during the session and save it for before or after class.


Can anyone do Inner Peace Qigong?

We have people from many different backgrounds joining our classes and special events. Given that the movements are soft and gentle (part of the class is laying down and includes qigong meditation), virtually anyone can practice it. We have people in their 80s that practice with us! Our Zoom classes have also proven to be helpful for people dealing with a variety of health challenges. We encourage adjusting any of the movements as needed for your body and individual needs.


If you are going through cancer treatment and are interested in participating and getting targeted resources please contact me.


How do I register to attend an online class?

Please visit the classes page. We offer a variety of classes and payment methods. Once you are registered, you will have access to the zoom link for your purchased class.


How far in advance can I register for a class?

You can register for a class any time—subject to space availability.


How is this different from regular exercise? Is it more for fitness?

IPQ Classes are more than just physical body exercises. It’s a potent mind-body-heart practice. The class starts with opening sen lines so Qi (life force energy) can flow unobstructed. One learns to harness Qi and discharge / re-balance emotional energies through the practice. Each class includes (Zen) Qigong, ‘Experiential’ Qi Energy infusion and healing instruction, meditation, and more.


Class Benefits 

Include reduced stress level, optimizing Qi flow, deepening mind-body connection, improved blood pressure, massaging of all organs of the body, reduced anxiety and depression, relieving chronic pain, improved balance and coordination, improved sleep quality (such as staying asleep longer at night and feeling more alert during the day), strengthen mind awareness, inner peace and vitality.


Through regular practice, a smooth and balanced flow is created that shows itself as a joyful, relaxed, optimistic and energized state of mind. Meanwhile, the emotional energies of anger, fear, anxiety or grief still may arise. They will be much less ‘sticky’—and with the training, be held and then dissolved within the larger field of joy, gratitude, acceptance and equanimity.


Mental & Spiritual Benefits. 

Inner Peace Qigong practice balances emotional energies and grows inner stillness which supports greater mental clarity, intuition and creativity. As our intelligence becomes rooted in a connection to the inner body, it widens and deepens in increasingly beautiful ways.


As we grow deepen in our practice, we become aware of more subtle realms of Being and begin to experience, directly, our interconnectedness with All-That-Is.


I am experiencing financial hardship at this time. Is there a scholarship program available?

Our community angels have created Pay-It-Forwards for those in need of an opportunity to attend the class. Please get in touch with me if you require support to attend class.


If you are feeling drawn to it, join our Pay-It-Forward Angels in making our programs available to people in need. Each contribution is matched so you are helping two people, not one. Please visit our classes page to make a positive and lasting impact on someone’s life.


I have practiced Qigong in the past. Will I learn anything new in these classes?

There are easily over a thousand styles of Qigong and this Qigong is only one part of what our members learn in the training and retreats we offer. Classes include The Five Elements, The Six Healing Sounds, The Microcosmic Orbit and Qigong Healing Meditations, but that is just the start. Sunim has trained in Thai Traditional Healing and as a Seon 선, 禪; (Zen) Monk in South Korea. The Qigong shared here is well adapted for the West and is set in pace and meditative flow of ‘Sonmudo.’

Hae Kwang Sunim also draws from the most effective mind-body teachings he acquired from studying under different teachers in the East. This includes the instructions by Luang Pa of Wat Bua Luang in Thailand. Part of the methodology is based on the ancient Eastern principles of Hai Palung (Energy Healing), Mind-Body Healing Qigong, Traditional Thai Medicine (Journal Referenced), Pon Klie Kwan Sow (Emotional Release) and Meditation. It also includes food-based healing and the importance of compassion, gratitude, oneness, outreach, and the need to holistically support the whole person—Body, Mind and Spirit.

When training with us, you also learn traditional mindfulness meditation, the way of the heart (universal non-duality), presence, energy work and traditional healing protocols that support mind, body and spirit. Peace in the world begins with peace in our own hearts. This training helps to bring peace into the world!


How do I prepare for the Zoom class in advance?

Please find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed for these classes. Have a comfortable mat, light blanket and three pillows nearby.

IMPORTANT: Playing 90 minutes of Qigong or deeply relaxing background music during the class (see link below) is an integral part of the overall class.

Alternatively, you can check out Spotify for qigong or meditation music. Please be sure the music you choose to play is a background and not linked to your computer zoom. This is so that when you turn the music down, it won't also turn Hae Kwang Sunim’s voice down. For supporting a deeper, most entire experience, please have soft music ready, so you can quickly hit play when IPQ starts and not have to deal with it during the class.


When joining from home— simply click the zoom link 10 minutes before the class begins. It must be worth repeating—please make sure to have a quiet space where you won't be disturbed.


Special Note: One of the principles shared in these classes is that ‘energy flows best in a soft body’. Meridians open in softness. Out of your whole week, this is your time to ‘completely’ let go, to wash away held stress, contraction and all stale energy. It’s your time to deeply rest the nervous system, restore fresh Qi, inner balance, stillness and peace. It must be worth repeating — please make sure to have a quiet space where you won't be disturbed.


YouTube Music PlayList Suggestion

Glossary of Heart (Awareness) Terms


Everything that is felt, heard and seen is made of awareness. It is witnessing and not touching, adding or entangling in the present moment.

Holding Space

It is witnessing another person and offering them our unconditional love, empathy, and compassion. It allows them to be fully heard and understood. This is one of the most generous gifts we can give to another.


To carry out or perform the method of teachings regularly to attain self-mastery and self-realization.


Stands for non-duality, Oneness, fullness, perfection, a circle of togetherness. Traditionally, the process is drawn with only one brushstroke and is one of the most common subjects in Japanese calligraphy.


The way of doing meditative martial arts.


The experience of intimacy with all things.


Everything that is felt, heard and seen is made of awareness. It is witnessing and not touching, adding or entangling in the present moment.


A Japanese term for awakening is ‘comprehension; understanding’.

Spiritual Growth

The process of inner awakening, rising of the consciousness beyond the ordinary, everyday existence, and awakening to some Universal truths.

Hai Palung

Energy Healing


Everything that is felt, heard and seen is made of awareness. It is witnessing and not touching, adding or entangling in the present moment.


It is a mind not fixed or occupied by a thought or emotion and open to everything. Most athletes today call it ‘the zone’ or ‘flow state’.

Sen Lines

In Thailand and Traditional Thai Medicine, Sen lines are pathways for Qi or Prana to flow. Qi refers to ‘life force’ as the universal energy or ‘vital energy.’


The act of dedication to ethical living through concentration, insight and wisdom.


Is the earnest, sincere or deeply felt feeling.

Pon Klie Kwan Sow

Emotional release practice of letting go.


Quieting the mind, acquiring insights and coming to understand the true nature of things (and of oneself).

Inner Life Practice

A state of calm attentiveness in which one's actions are guided from the heart and by intuition rather than by conscious effort.

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