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Upcoming Dates to join:

April 8, April 22, May 6, May 20, June 3, June 17, July 1


Zoom Link:

CLICK HERE  a few minutes before start time:

Meetup ID: 89989419619 

Password: 216900

Just click link and you're in! 




A great way to de-stress during the month and grow your Qigong and Meditation practice.  


Hello Inner Peace Qigong Friends, 

By attending the in-person (2 hour) workshop with me this month you earned TWO BONUS CLASSES!   


Yes that's right.. Your joining an In-Person class here this month includes TWO supporting 'virtual' classes with me.  Each virtual class is a $20 Value ($40.00 Bonus). It’s yours as a BONUS for joining an In-Person class/workshop.  Come de-stress, grow Qigong skills and deepen your Zazen meditation practice though the month.  


Details: Join me virtually on Zoom and we can go deeper into the steps of Zazen. When doing your practice and meditation with us (or on your own) it’s always helpful to have a quiet place to practice. Twice a month come and ask questions about any aspect of your practice. Stay motivated and connected. Create a sacred space, de-stress and restore balance.  Keep growing your Inner Life practice. You deserve it!


Join us on the Mondays posted above 

(More dates added here monthly.




Questions? You can reach me at


You Are Welcome Here.. Grow your skills in Qigong, Meditation, Presence, Energywork & Healing!  Balance your energy and touch stillness.


Keep training with me in-person at the studio and receive your two $20 mid-month virtual classes each time. One in person workshop gives you two supporting Zoom Bonus sessions over the following 4 weeks.  This is a great training format for Qigong & Zazen.  If you've attended any of our in-person workshops don’t miss out!


Two Virtual "Monday Meditation with Qigong" classes with Sunim are included in your workshop fee today —a value of $40.00.


We wholeheartedly encourage your participation and to stay connected!  Master Inner Peace Skills.  Email any questions and See you during the month!

Feel free to email us with any questions at

See you soon!








Letter Sent: 


Hello Inner Peace Qigong and Zen Friends,

Grateful to have had you joining our in-person workshop! Let's keep training with a teacher and community! 



Your class > Monday ZAZEN Meditation with Qigong Class

Zoom Link:


This BONUS Class is for In-Person Workshop Attendees

Monday ZAZEN Meditation with Qigong Class Details:


Questions or Comments?

Feel free to ask questions at any time by emailing us at




We believe in the holistic approach to health and well-being. Here are some of the incredible benefits you can experience through the practices:


Cultivate inner peace and mindfulness

Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your surroundings

Learn to let go of negative thoughts and emotions

Find balance and harmony in your daily life

Connect with a supportive community on the path to enlightenment


Inner Peace Qigong - Experience Flow:

Enhance your vitality and energy levels

Improve flexibility, balance, and coordination

Boost your immune system and overall health

Reduce stress and promote relaxation

Experience the flow of Qi (life energy) within your body


Qigong Meditation:

Reduce anxiety and stress

Improve focus and concentration

Enhance self-awareness and mindfulness

Promote emotional well-being and inner peace

Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others.


Energy Work / Training:

Facilitate healing on physical, mental, and emotional levels

Reduce pain and promote relaxation

Release energy blockages and promote balance

Enhance overall well-being and vitality

Experience a profound sense of peace and harmony

Whether you're new to these practices or a seasoned practitioner, there's something here for everyone. Let's walk this path together!

For more information and upcoming events, visit our website at

Feel free to ask questions at any time by emailing us at


Join us for a journey of inner peace and rejuvenation.

Click here for all Calendar, Dates and Times.



Thank-you for being part of our community! We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.

Sending Joined Palms and Warmest Wishes.

See You Soon,

Inner Peace Qigong and Zen Team































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